WW Paintball

Here at WW Paintball we make paintball for everyone, the whole family can join the game of paintball in the bush field!

WW Paintball would love to hear your input!

Come join the fun of meeting new people or playing with you own friends. We would love to play with you if you need players, we will even find you people to play with! We have our own WW Paintball whatsapp (send your name and surname to this number if you want to be added 079 089 0640) group if anyone wants to play then the whole group knows and you can start organizing a great day of paintball, Even if you want to play at a different field than ours.

We have refreshments and paint available at the field, we do not sell alcohol but it is allowed. If you are using alcohol and play we will use our own discretion if you are fit to play with other people.

Kids parties are also welcome. We do the best we can to give them a fun time with their buddies! Our paintball markers are all set equal shooting between 260 and 280 fps.

We do have a chrono if you want to check if your marker is within the required fps.

You can choose the rules of your own game simulation or we can give you rules to play with

We arrange games like night games and Assassin challenges so keep an eye out on facebook and the websites posts

WW Paintball - Assassins

We also have a group that we sponsor called Assassins, where they train harder with less ammo and more skill. To become an Assassin you need to be a regular paintball player and have your own marker and gear. After that your skill will be tested for 6 months. Come and play along or against the Assassins.